Many barriers have been reduced to make the startup investing attractive for different types of investors. In addition to classic investments, such as Real Estate and stocks investing, more and more investors want to invest in startups and have a slice of high risk-returned in their pie. 

One fundamental rule that was and still valid is "don't invest money you can't afford to lose," and with Liftoff you can be sure to have a full insight on the opportunity before you make the decisions of investing.

"When it comes to investing in a startup, we think it should be as personal as it gets and not automatically follow the views and objectives of other investors which might take it not how you planned it."

With Liftoff, you can send an opportunity, join one or look for one to build your diverse and attractive portfolio

Know what other investors said about the investment opportunity

Market research on a specific domain or for a particular company 

Investment recommendation - Receive in-depth technology, market, and business insights. 

Make a well-informed decision before investing, having acquired all the necessary information

Post investment consultation 

Smart follow-up on investment and milestones.

Join other investors

Connect with Liftoff channels to increase valuation and reach international scale up

Tailor-made services 

There are lots of challenges and sometimes non-intuitive approach to implement. Liftoff will help you to strategize, focus and filter out what's not necessary.

What do you need to have?


Depends on how many investors will join the round, typically pre-seed/seed will require from you $25K-$250K. In some cases it could reach more than that.


Use our links, but your links as well to pour value as much as you can into the business. 


One of Liftoff main values is to save you the time and effort, nonetheless after investing it's recommended to sit with the entrepreneurs to help them achieve their dream. However, don't take too much of their time as any minute in early stages equals precious work.